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Sales Policy


All sales are FINAL and require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold a bunny. All deposits are non-transferable, and I have the right to cancel a sale at any time. If for some reason, your bunny were to pass away in my care, you will be allowed to pick another, but it must be within three months; no refunds will be given. If a situation arises that you cannot care for your bunny, I will do my best to help you re-home him or her, but there will be no refunds. 

All bunnies must be picked up on their designated wean date or date scheduled pick up, or there will be a $2 daily fee for care or $10 per week. I will not hold longer than a week.


I will not hold any bunnies before four weeks old. I check gender around four weeks of age but realize I am human, and it is possible a she could be he and vice versa if checked that early. It is a first-come, first-serve. NO EXCEPTIONS Once you choose a bunny, you cannot switch to a different bunny, so please be sure it's the one you want.


If shipping is needed, you will be 100% responsible for arranging the shipping or transport. In some cases, another bunny friend or I can deliver with a delivery fee of $25 per bunny, depending on if someone is heading your way at that time. Please do your research for transport. Transport can be stressful and risky if they are exposed to any animals carrying diseases. Bunnies can also have heart attacks if they become too scared. I much prefer you pick up or meet one of my friends heading that way or me. No air transport is allowed unless you fly here and take the bunny home in the cabin; I can meet you at the airport.

Please make sure you agree with all of these policies before purchasing. The price in my store is the full price, not the deposit; please read the notes for the details on each bunny before asking questions.

Please note: If you sell your rabbit, please do not send the new buyer; I will not issue them a pedigree.  Some of my bunnies are sold as pet quality and will not come with a pedigree.  I charge more for a bunny with a pedigree, so if you desire a pedigree, you must notify me when you purchase.  If you own a rabbitry, I may ask for pictures of where your bunnies live to ensure my babies have a safe and will be in a clean environment. 



Please do not crop or alter my pictures, and I reserve the copyright of all my photos.

Bunny Agreement
By completing this form you are acknowledging that you agree to the policy and terms. You must be 18 years or older to apply. You must have the funds to purchase and a safe environment for your furry friend. There are no discounts, prices are as is. Answer ALL questions or it will not be approved. I will check emails and phone to ensure they are not fake. If your email bounces back I will not approve the application. Please remember rabbits are not short term pets, their life expentency 7-12 years. So be prepared for longevity. 

Let's get started on adding a furry friend to your HOPPY home!
What are you looking for?
What gender rabbit are you looking for?
How did you hear about me?
You are responsible for transportation. If we set up a date/time/place to meet, you must show up. You will NOT be refunded.
Are you prepared to be put down a 50% deposit and understand it is non-refundable? (*Once a bunny is chosen that is the one. I can not guarantee that another will be available. It is hard to go back and forth it can cause, error)

Thank you for your interest in our bunnies!

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