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Animals play a vital role in assisting people with a range of disabilities because rabbits are of a social and nurturing nature; they can help in therapeutic services. They ease stress and anxiety; cuddling a rabbit release the "Cuddle Hormone" oxytocin. Did you know: Petting a bunny reduces stress. There are quite a few scientific studies demonstrating that just watching an animal reduces cortisol, the stress hormone, and increases serotonin, the happy molecule.



Our mission here at Bun Haven is to provide people with a therapeutic experience with our bunnies' social, friendly, loving, and nurturing companionship. Using the soothing power of rabbits, we want to promote well-being, hope, and healing.

Want some furry friends at your next event? Schedule me and 3-4 bunnies for an hour at your next event. We do bunny yoga, girl scout meetings, and childcare.


Contact us for more info on bunny therapy and private events.

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